Furniture Painting Beginner Bootcamp

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Are you ready to get your hands dirty????       


6 week course that will teach you what you need to know in order to start painting furniture the right way.  Avoid all beginner mistakes by learning from us. You will not only gain technique and knowledge but also tips and tricks we have learned the hard way and can pass along to you. 


Beginner Bootcamp will start Feb 12 and will run for 6 weeks until March 18.  Each week you will learn something new and build off what you have learned the week before.  Classes will begin at 11am and will go for about an hour and half to two hours.  The last class session you will complete a project using all the skills you learned in bootcamp and apply them to your project. 


Everyone who attends class will get a Pickin’ Boots apron, Dixie Belle Mini paint brush, and a Scrubby Soap (for your brushes).  This is a $56 value.

                                Dixie Belle Paint Fort MyersDixie Belle Paint Fort Myers

In addition to the above included, all other supplies will be provided in the classes.  You will also receive a 15% on all Dixie Belle products during the 6 week bootcamp. 

What’s all included:

6 class sessions $45 each                   $270

PB apron                                           $20                                                                        

Dixie Belle paint brush                       $30                 

Scrubby Soap                                     $6                                           

Completion take home project           $45­

                                                            $370 value


****Class fee:  $250 if you sign up by Jan. 17th   $275 by Feb. 5th   $325 after Feb. 5th 


Basic Painting Bootcamp will include the following skills:

  • How to properly clean your piece to paint
  • How to properly prep your piece (is your piece shiny, smelly etc) * *The most important part!**
  • Explain chalk paint, what is it and how it works
  • How to apply the paint for different looks
  • How to seal your painted furniture (hemp oil, wax, clear coat, gator hide, spray wax etc.)
  • How to layer two colors of paint
  • How to properly distress (dry and wet distress)
  • Using crackle to achieve an aged look
  • Adding a transfer design (re*design & IOD brands)




If you loved this class and all your learned, we will be offering a 6 week Advanced Furniture Painting Techniques course starting March 25th  for 6 weeks.  This is the perfect follow-up class.  This course will elevate your painting game to the next level.  Don’t be nervous, you will totally be ready for this workshop after your beginner bootcamp!



Chalk Paint Class Fort Myers Florida