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Advanced Furniture Painting Technique Workshop



Advanced Furniture Painting Techniques

6 week course that will elevate your painting skills to a professional level. Learn how to take your projects to a higher level, adding depth and character to create one of  kind finishes.   

Advanced Furniture Painting Techniques will start March 25 and will run for 6 weeks until April 29.  Each week you will learn something new and build off what you have learned the week before.  Classes will begin at 11am and will go for about an hour and half to two hours.  The last class session you will complete a project using all the skills you learned and apply them to your project. 


Everyone who attends class will get a Pickin’ Boots apron, Dixie Belle Oval Medium paint brush, a misting bottle and a Scrubby Soap (for your brushes).  This is a $79 value.

In addition to the above included, all other supplies will be provided in the classes.  You will also receive a 15% on all Dixie Belle products during the 6 week class. 

What’s all included:

6 class sessions $55 each           $330
PB apron                                      $20
Dixie Belle paint brush                 $40                                                                 
Scrubby Soap                               $6
Mister bottle                                 $14
Completion take home project     $55­

                                                 $465 value


***Class fee:  $350 if you sign up by Feb.26   $395 by March 18th   Last day to register is March 18.



Advanced Furniture Painting  Techniques will include the following skills:

  • Paper clay molds
  • WoodUBend decoratives
  • 2 color blending
  • 3 color blending
  • Glazing
  • Tinting wax
  • Gilding Wax
  • Patina- everything you need to know to make something rusty and crusty!
  • Dixie Mud
  • Dixie Dirt
  • Dixie Sea Spray
  • Farmhouse Finish
  • Create a wash using paint
  • Gel staining